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Lunar Gull Icons
22nd-Jan-2011 05:13 am
Good day, my most beloved and tasteful watchers!

Today I would like to point you towards my second icon community


It's hosted on insanejournal and will focus exclusively on pb icons. PB or 'played by' icons are mainly used for roleplaying purposes and emphasise expressions rather than the use of text, textures or other effects.

For that reason I decided to create a community separate from my icons here, because I organise those graphics differently than I organise my graphics here and I understand that pb icons might not be all that interesting to many of my current watchers.

So just to clarify, this community is an addition to my icons here, not a replacement. lunargullicons will continue as normal, I just wanted to toss you all a quick note, in case you'd be interested in those graphics as well.

(By the way, cridelamouette also has an account on livejournal for easier navigation/crediting, but icon posts can only be found on insanejournal.)

Aaaand that is all.

Thank you for your attention! ♥
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